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Apartment Building

Invest into U.S. Commercial Real Estate 


A fully managed Multi-Family Portfolio (apartments)

investing across the United States. Start with only $5,000 USD.

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Couple spending money online on the inte

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African American female entrepreneur in

A Fully Managed Investment fund for international investors

The CalTier Portfolio Fund opens the door to professionally managed institutional grade multi-family investments not typically available to the retail investor. We identify, negotiate, invest and manage these multi-family assets on your behalf so you don't have to. As an international investor you can benefit

from one of the strongest asset classes in the world.


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CBRE forecasts that the Multi-Family Industry will increase by 33% in 2021 and 2022 and that there is a projected 4.6 million shortfall in Multi-Family units over the next 10 years.*

Multi-Family Real Estate is considered one of the most stable real estate classes mainly because it can be leveraged typically 70% with debt and with already paying tenets, has built in cash-flow on purchase.




  • Very transparent business modeEach asset goes through a due diligence process and underwriting. During this period financials, rent rolls and taxes are reviewed.

  • Good regulatory environment - Many cities in the United States desire MORE Multi-Family assets 

  • Short term leases provide flexibility - It's easy to adjust to market fluctuations with 6,12 and 18 mont leases

  • Liquidity - Incomes flow from the rents of the tenants

  • Abundant mortgage market - Many lenders like the asset class

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A Dedicated Team


Matt Belcher


& Co Founder


Parker Smith


& Co Founder


Travis Hook


& Co Founder

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"Truly one of the best real estate

funds out there today!"

"Really enjoy the customer

service of CalTier.

Solid Organization."

"You guys are the best!"

Investing Made Easy

Investing into the CalTier Fund is easy and you can use your credit card, ACH, wire transfer or even through your IRA and retirement account.

Just select the method of payment when you sign up and we will take care of the rest.

Everything is handled online and once you are invested you can track your investment in your investor portal.


Solano Vista

352 Unit apartment Complex in Glendale, Arizona.

Est. 16% IRR 1.8X Equity Multiple

Latest Portfolio Investment

The 352 unit property is centrally located in a transitioning area of Phoenix. This area has seen sizable new supply given its favorable fundamentals.

It is a well maintained Class B/C multifamily built in 1974. The property has benefited from recent exterior upgrades, regular maintenance and a market-leading exterior amenity package.

Est, 16% IRR. 1.8X Equity Multiple Return


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Apartment Building


You don't need to invest into Real Estate the old way. Technology has changed the game.

Your money should work as hard as you do. No compromises.


Exclusive Access

to private network deals, now in the fund


Diverse Portfolio

of cash-flowing apartment complexes throughout the U.S.


Low Fees

to maximize your returns and generate consistent cash flow


Redemption Flexibility

to provide you with both short and long term options

Apartment Building

"Everyone should have access to the best commercial real estate investments. 
Not just the 1%."

Co Founder

Matt Belcher



Providing access to a professionally managed commercial real estate portfolio using your phone, computer or tablet. Easy, simple, that's it!



Nationally Recognized Real Estate Acquisition Companies & Best in Class Operators Offering  Institutional Grade Assets

Apartment Building

Sundance Bay is a real estate private equity firm that specializes in multifamily investing, net lease investing and debt lending nationwide. They provide asset class and geographic diversification for our investors, while maintaining discipline and focus with a team of dedicated investment professionals.


CrowdCheck delivers due diligence, disclosure and compliance services for online capital formation. Satisfying due diligence obligations, protecting from liability and providing investors with clear and easy methods to understand information about investment opportunities on our platform


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*Non-accredited investors are subject to limits on the amount invested.
**Investment returns earned include, but are not limited to rental income from a rotating portfolio of properties and the profits from asset sales. We intend to pay investor distributions each quarter at managerial discretion as properties produce. 

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