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Assets for Inflation Protection

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Over the last year, we have already seen hard goods such as lumber double and in some cases triple in price.

If you own a home and have been making improvements then you know this all too well. It's great for HomeDepot, Lowes and lumber yards but not for our wallets!​

There has been a lot of talk recently in the press about the concerns of inflation getting out of control. So what can you do to protect against it and are there assets that help?

In this great Investop​edia Article - 9 Assets for Protection Against Inflation they list the 9 as:

  1. Gold

  2. Commodities

  3. 60/40 Stock Bond

  4. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS)

  5. S&P 500

  6. Real Estate Income

  7. Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate Bond Index

  8. Levraged Loans

  9. Treasury inflation protected securities (TIPS)

Real Estate is named twice in this list and there are a number of very large real estate companies in the S&P 500 also. So why real estate named in this list to protect against inflation?

There are many reasons (and the article explains them well) but typically real estate values rise with inflation firstly, and secondly, rental income tends to grow with inflation.

The CalTier Portfolio Fund fractionally invests across income producing multi-family (apartment units) real estate. Most of the assets we invest into are not available to the general public and if you wanted to invest into them yourself, you would likely have to invest $100K, $250K or more.

With the CalTier Portfolio Fund you can invest small amounts ($500 minimum) and either do it once or keep investing each month depending on your budget.

Tax Efficient Investing

Many of our investors take advantage of Self Directed IRA's to enjoy the tax benefits these provide. If you do not have one you can actually sign up for one in less than ten minutes on our platform with our partner Alto IRA.

Then you can roll over money from your IRA or Roth IRA into the new Self Directed account and fund your investment from there.

If you are ready to go just click below:

Start your investment into the CalTier Fund Here

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