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CalTier Welcomes NBA Legend!

We are excited to announce that NBA Champion Metta World Peace has joined CalTier as our first 'Strategic Brand Ambassador'. We welcome him to the CalTier Family.

Many of you will know Metta for his days starring at St. John's University and in the NBA where just a few of his many achievements include NBA All-Star, Defensive Player of the Year and hitting the game winning shot to help the Los Angeles Lakers win the 2010 NBA Championship. While Metta certainly had an amazing NBA career, many of you might not know that since those days he has continued that spirit of excellence and applied it to business. Metta has built an impressive business empire through Artest Management Group that includes a Venture Capital arm, Start Up Accelerator and Sports Brand Management facility. You may have even seen Metta on Shark Tank as one of the investors in ButterCloth Shirts (I have a couple of these shirts myself and they are probably the best shirts I have ever had). "I love what the CalTier guys are doing. They are helping the everyday investor build a portfolio of cash-flowing multi-family real estate. Apartment buildings that would be really difficult to nearly impossible to buy on your own. It's a great business model and team with a can do mindset. I'm really happy and excited to help these guys grow" - Metta. Metta will be helping promote the Caltier Portfolio Fund opportunity to a wider audience but he will also be using his extensive business and brand network to help us connect to strategic brand partners and raise our profile. I know that the entire CalTier team is excited about this development and we can't wait to see the results of working with Metta. Matt Belcher CEO & Co-Founder

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