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Ready Set go! Here comes 2022! End Of Year Summary

Can you believe we are already into the first week of 2022? Hopefully you had time to slow down and relax with loved ones and are ready for what we all hope will be a great year.

2021 was a banner year for CalTier with a lot of real estate investment activity and incredible growth.

We thought we'd share a just few key highlights from 2021:

8 Multi-Family assets, totaling 1,200 doors

We started off 2021 investing into Solano Vista, a 352-unit property in Glendale, Arizona, which has since sold. More on that below.

We then added the following investments to our portfolio in 2021:

  • Glenwood - 194 units in Provo, Utah

  • Lakewood - 88 units in Houston, Texas

  • Raintree Commons - 154 units in Provo, Utah

  • Apple Lane - 75 units in Lawrence, Kansas

  • The Vue - 156 units in Austin, Texas

  • The Legend Condo - Downtown San Diego

  • 506 South - 180 units in Houston, Texas

We are looking forward to building upon our 1,200 units 2022.

Solano Vista Sale

In 2021, we also saw our first full asset lifecycle with the sale of Solano Vista. Our real estate partner, Sundance Bay, completed the sale of Solano Vista and we couldn't be happier with the results.

The investment saw a 72% IRR and a 3x equity multiple.

Introduction to “No-Cost” Self Directed IRA

One of our key partnerships that we added in 2021 was with Alto IRA. Our team worked with Alto to introduce the “no-cost” self directed IRA, where if you invest at least $5,000 in our portfolio fund, we will cover the costs of your Alto IRA.*

If you have yet to take advantage of this offer go to to learn more.

Real Estate Partners

If you have joined us on any of our live webinars, you may have heard from at least one of our real estate partners.

In 2021, we added a few more key real estate partners to our growing list. These included Lionel Partners, Redstone Residential, American Equity, and Cloud Capital. Together they open the door to over $10b worth of real estate each year.

Fund Growth

Finally, 2021 saw tremendous growth within our fund. We received over $1m in new investments and saw the fund grow by the following key metrics:

  • 2,064% increase in users

  • 889% increase in investments

  • 170% increase in average investment

As always, if you have questions you can call us on 619 344 0291.

Best Regards

Parker Smith

COO & Co Founder

*The partnership benefits between CalTier and AltoIRA are based on the ‘Pro’ account terms. The following fees apply:

Account opening fee: $250

Partner Investment fee: $10

You will be charged the account opening fee by Alto of $250 when setting up your account. CalTier will reimburse the account fee to AltoIRA at least 60 days after a new account opening so long as you invest a minimum of $5,000 into the CalTier Fund 1, LP offering. If your new account meets the minimum investment requirements, Alto will reimburse the account opening fee to you. Additionally, if you maintain a minimum of $5,000 per year in the CalTier Fund 1, LP offering then CalTier will continue to cover the $250 yearly account fee at no cost to you

CalTier will also cover the $10 investment fee for CalTier Fund 1, LP investments. CalTier will not cover any other fee such as wire, account closure or investments into non CalTier offerings. You are free however to make as many of those as you wish.

The Pro Account offers optional features with additional fees which CalTier will not be covering:

Outbound wire fee: $25 (if needed for non-CalTier offerings)

Account closure: $50

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